Wall lining bracket

To reduce sound transmission into or out of adjoining rooms, wall linings are frequently used in the dry construction. The wall linings are mounted with Sylomer®, fitted to walls and thus achieve good damping efficiency. The elastic fixing greatly reduces the sound radiation here: the wall lining provides an airborne noise reduction index that is 4 dB higher than standard attachment systems. The wall lining is effective, even in the low frequency range of < 250 Hz.

The advantages for you

  • Customized products to meet different building acoustics requirements
  • Targeted reduction of noise for a high standard of comfort
  • Improved living and working conditions thanks to the effective insulation effect of polyurethane bearings
  • Sound control adds value to residential apartments and buildings
  • Soundproofing insulation from Getzner is made to last and has proven to be an advanced and sustainable solution
  • A high degree of planning reliability thanks to proven effectiveness