Efficient Sound Insulation for Ceilings

Getzner offers effective products for the elastic decoupling of suspended ceilings. With a natural frequency of ≤ 10 Hz, these allow a reduction of sound transmission even in the low frequency range. Compared to conventional attachment systems, the innovative products enable an improvement of the Ln,w +CI 50-2500 of up to 11 dB. A wide range of products enables the most diverse installation and mounting situations and offers the user the appropriate connection for the planned suspension system in each case.

Your Benefits with Getzner

  • Customized products to meet different building acoustics requirements
  • Effectiveness even in the low frequency range < 250 Hz
  • Targeted reduction in noise for a high standard of comfort
  • Improved living and working conditions thanks to the effective insulation effect of polyurethane bearings
  • Sound control adds value to residential apartments and buildings
  • Soundproofing insulation from Getzner is made to last and has proven to be an advanced and sustainable solution
  • A high degree of planning reliability thanks to proven effectiveness​