HD Double Deflection Neoprene Hangers

HD Neoprene Hangers offer the same increase static deflection and vibration control as ND mounts but in a sturdy steel hanger box.

HD HANGER INSTALLATION: Install spring isolation hanger with gap on underside as shown. This allows the isolators to operate efficiently. The gaps also compensates for minor misalignment. Direct contact of the unit and hanger box “short circuits” the isolation.

When suspending equipment from very wide vibration sensitive spans it may be necessary to select spring hangers with even higher deflections in order to cancel the effects of the span’s own deflection or “sag”. The spring isolation hanger selected must have a static deflection at least three times greater than the spans deflection to insure minimum effective vibration control.

WHD – All box type spring hangers are available with eyebolts top and bottom and precompressed from the factory.

HD hangers perform the best when used on equipment located adjacent to stiff support walls and columns, and suspended from narrow rigid upper building spans.