Acousti-Gasket™ Tape


  • Build Quieter Spaces
  • Greatly Increases Floor, Ceiling & Wall STC & IIC
  • Dissipates Sound Energy
  • Peel & Stick Application
  • Easy to Apply
  • Reduces Vibration and Noise Transfer
  • Cost-effective Soundproofing Solution

How This Soundproofing Tape Works

Acousti-Gasket acoustic rubber gasket tape features new technology that uses a cellular membrane to dramatically reduce vibration transfer through hard surfaces. With its peel and stick application, this soundproofing tape is super easy to apply.

How does this soundproofing tape reduce Sound Transmission and vibration transfer through common walls, floors, and ceilings? Acousti-Gasket acoustic rubber gasket tape is made from low density and viscoelastic cellular rubber, which means it is a poor transmitter or conductor of sound. It will dissipate sound energy. Because of its easy application and simple materials, Acousti-Gasket is extremely versatile as well as cost-effective.