Elastically Separated Floor

What we refer to as impact noise is caused by the use of rooms. The sound radiates via the floor into adjacent rooms and other floors of the building, where it is perceived as a disturbing noise. For example, parquet flooring in neighbouring apartments can lead to a significant impairment of the quality of life. However, effective impact sound insulation can minimise noise propagation and significantly improve architectural acoustics without making it necessary to accept restrictions in the choice of floor covering.

A supermarket beneath offices, a doctor’s surgery next to private apartments, a roof-top bar above hotel suites. Structural sound control is indispensable, especially in buildings that are used for a variety of purposes. With the right impact sound insulation, noise can be effectively avoided and the quality of life noticeably improved. This can happen in the run-up to the project if the architectural acoustics plan takes this into account. But even when renovating or refurbishing individual areas, an insulating layer in the floor can be retrofitted for increased sound control and less noise.

Your Advantages with Sound Control from Getzner

  • Excellent impact sound insulation for any floor structure
  • Quick installation and low installation height
  • Controlled product quality and long service life
  • Planning reliability thanks to approvals