Acoustic Carpets and Rugs

At many places its important to cover the floor with soundproofing material to absorb the reflections like in offices, home theatre, studios, auditoriums and multiplexes. Acoustic Carpets comes with an extra underlay to absorb the sound.

Acoustic carpets are available in different colors to choose from, Solid and Textured. The NRC > 0.50. Soundproofing carpets also stops sound to go on lower floors if the treatment is done on any upper storey.

Product Details:
No Connecting Joints, Available in any size
Available in 150+ shades of color and designs for an aesthetic look.
Damps and absorbsthe sound making a restful environment
NRC levels are greater than 0.25.
Easy to clean using vacuum cleaners
Provides thermal insulation as well thus reducing air conditioning bills
Application Industry:
Social Rooms
Home Theatre
Drawing Rooms