Acoustic Partitions

Acoustic Partitions is important to prevent sound transfer between certain spaces. Offices need confidential privacy. Neighbours sharing common walls need to have a reasonable degree of separation for basic comfort and privacy. Special areas like movie theaters or recording studios cannot tolerate intrusive sounds from other areas.

AKINCO Partition Wall System is formed by fixing Gypsum board of single-layer or multi-layer on single-layer stud frame, which can provide the most concise and economic space dividing solution.

Applicable Scope:
It is applicable for various commercial and residential buildings.

To meet different performance requirements through selecting different layers and Gypsum boards of various types.
Non-ancillaries system, the minimum components required, featured with simple and rapid installation.
Convenient installation for wall pipelines.
Dry construction, easy and convenient installation and requires low labor intensity, which effectively shortens the construction period.
The range of drywall partitions is the result of decades of experience in developing, testing and supporting warranted systems that meet the needs of the modern building.

Quickly and simply constructed from high quality, components, our partitions are guaranteed to perform. With construction technology moving towards fast pace and light weight construction, drywall partition has been widely adopted across residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings. Besides the lightweight construction, drywall partition is versatile in creating interior spaces while enabling high building performances in thermal, acoustic and fire properties.

Insulation for good building performances

Typically, drywall system comprises of galvanized steel stud frames lined with gypsum, cement or calcium silicate boards on each sides of the frames. However, to provide good performances to the drywall partition such as acoustic, thermal and fire properties, non-combustible stone wool insulation is employed inside the cavity of the wall system. Our range of wool insulation provides the ideal solution as it is designed to give a perfect fit within the wall frames. Drywall partition with AKINCO is fast and easy to install, helping to reduce the time taken and labor needed for installation work, hence increasing overall speed of construction.

Safe & durable

AKINCO partition is fire rated and achieves the highest European fire classification, A1, according to EN13501-1. Therefore it is able to meet building code requiring drywall insulation to be non-combustible; providing a fire safe environment for buildings and its occupants.

This higher density material provides superior sag resistance and fit. It can be easily cut and trimmed for the best possible fit into the partition wall cavity, assuring there will be no gaps that may compromise the performance of the system.

They cover all applications, from simple space division, through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, and impact and height requirements. https://akinco.ae/products/acoustic-partitions/