Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

AKINCO Acoustic Wood Wool is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics. The moisture-resistant material evens out air humidity by absorbing moisture from or emitting moisture to the ambient air. This contributes to a pleasant indoor climate which is good for both comfort and health. The high pH value also discourages mould and the material is not affected by rot. Acoustic Wood Wool stores heat from the ambient air and emits it when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and a stable and comfortable climate indoors.

The open material structure reduces reflection of sound and makes AKINCO Acoustic Wood Wool a good sound absorber. The material dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces. AKINCO Wood Wool is fire resistant and is type-approved as protective cladding with a class 1 coating. Measurements show that emissions from AKINCO Acoustic Wood Wool are extremely low. The strong surface can cope with vacuum cleaning, and use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards do not emit dust or particles.

Our woodwool acoustic panel, used in most types of buildings. In terms of reaction to fire, AKINCO acoustic panels have been tested in accordance with BS 476 and are “Class O” as designated in the British Building Regulations and have a Class 1 Spread of Flame classification.

The surface structure of acoustic panels is determined by the width of the wood shavings (wood wool). Our woodwool panels  are available in three different structures; ultrafine (1 mm), fine (1.5 mm) and coarse (3 mm).

Panels are available as untreated and completely natural panels, and as painted panels. The acoustic panels consist of wood wool mixed with either white or grey cement, from these mixtures we produce the two basis variants: natural wood and natural grey. Painted panels are available in any RAL/NCS colour code.

AKINCO acoustic panels can be installed directly onto wooden battens or in a suspended profile system. However, they are most often installed with underlying mineral wool in order to ensure the best sound absorption (up to αw = 1.0).https://akinco.ae/products/wood-wool-acoustic-panels/