Wooden Acoustic Panels

Wooden Acoustic Panels have longitudinal grooves and slats, machined along the length of the panel.These panels consists of a laminate finished surface, base core board(16mm or 18mm thick Medium Density Fiberboard) and black acoustic felt attached on the back.

In many spaces, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation which can corrupt work environments, meeting and gathering areas, music quality and speech intelligibility to name a few. One of the most attractive approaches to controlling noise, sound reflections and excess reverberation is to utilize sound absorbing natural wood wall and ceiling panels. Although the materials and methods used to control the acoustics within an environment have advanced, the basic principle of sound absorption has not changed — converting sound energy into heat energy.

AKINCO Wooden panels are powerful union between architecture and acoustical performance. Utilizing bold 3-4mm grooves in a high recycled content, Class A fire rated, ULEF and FSC certified wood plank, our grooved panels achieves up to an NRC=0.80 while maintaining the ambiance of the space with reflections at the highest frequencies.

These panels are typically mounted with a porous, sound absorbing core behind, such as fiberglass / polyester board with appropriate density for optimum performance and to meet the requirements of the design.