Acoustic Lagging

AKINCO acoustic lagging and Wraps are designed to block noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or as well as to increase the sound absorption in the cavity. Designed to offer significant reduction of radiated noise, it consists of a loaded vinyl noise barrier with a scrim reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side bonded to a 1” sound absorbing decoupler. Our pipe and duct wrap offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance.

The sound insulation of soil, waste, sanitary drainage and water pipes shall be from acoustic lagging manufactured with acoustic isolation foam and a mass barrier to a total weight of not less than 5kg/m2.It should be cut to size to neatly fit all pipe work, and incorporate overlaps on all joins. All joins shall be secured with an appropriate foil tape.

Our high-performance composite acoustic pipe lagging product consisting of a reinforced aluminum foil faced, mass loaded flexible vinyl noise barrier bonded to a decoupling layer. The product was developed to reduce noise break-out from pipes, valves, fan housings and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Ideal for both pipe and duct lagging applications.

The unique construction of lagging gives the dual benefits of a noise barrier and a noise absorber. The highly dense and flexible mass layer provides excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between the substrate and the mass barrier, thus allowing the vinyl external wrap to remain flexible and thereby optimize its performance. The external foil facing offers a fire resistant covering and an excellent surface to join adjacent sheets. https://akinco.ae/