Dimming Glass of An Office Building

Products: PDLC Smart Glass
Control mode: MOBILE phone APP+ remote control + voice
Smart Glass Use Place:

1. Business office: partitions in the open office area, replacing curtains, screens and curtain walls (to show luxury, fully display. New design elements and highlights to meet customer needs for high-quality, high-tech materials. At the same time, effectively protect the office area private. Denseness, ensuring that all corners of the space are spacious and bright, easy to clean, and also has the advantages of environmental protection, cleanliness, and low pollution;

2. Houses and villas: used for doors, windows, partitions, screens, etc., to meet customers’ high taste needs

3.Public facilities: monitoring rooms, public facilities, shop doors, and interior and exterior windows, doors, partitions, booths, etc. of entertainment venues.

4. Projection screen: It can provide 140 ° super wide-angle visibility. Compared with the traditional projection screen, it greatly improves the image clarity and imaging quality. It is used in conjunction with high-definition projectors to display rich and delicate colors.

5. Special public places: intelligent electronically controlled window door smart glass can be used in combination with bulletproof glass. In case of danger, it can be remotely controlled to change the transparent state of the glass instantly, calmly face the crisis, and protect the safety of the person and property to the greatest extent.https://www.smartglass-tech.com/al/76.html