Renewable drinking water, straight to your tap

Starting as low as $60 per month, SOURCE® Hydropanels™ replace the need for plastic bottles or costly water filtration systems. Make your own renewable, perfectly balanced drinking water without any additional infrastructure.

No infrastructure, seamless integration

Your SOURCE Hydropanels will be installed on or near your home, with flexible piping to deliver your drinking water directly to a reservoir installed in your garage or utility room. From there the water is delivered directly to your tap or fridge dispenser. Each Hydropanel will need at least 6’x10′ of clear, southeast facing space.

Choose your SOURCE Home System

SOURCE home can be configured to meet any family’s needs. Regardless of the number of people to be supported or total drinking water consumption needs, we can customize your perfect system. Choose from one of these base models. A SOURCE expert will be able to further customize during your consultation.

1 panel + 15-gal. reservoir

2 panel + 50-gal. reservoir


Tap into your drinking water with the SOURCE mobile app

  • Set your own water recipe. Choose from our SOURCE Balanced blend, a high alkalinity blend, or create a custom setting anywhere between.
  • Monitor your water production, consumption, environmental offset and savings from your app dashboard.
  • Enjoy the security of knowing your water  is being monitored 24/7 for quality, safety, and production.

‡Custom recipes only available on SOURCE Home generation H systems with separate reservoir.

SOURCE for good

SOURCE is on a mission to provide water for every person, every place. For every SOURCE Home System sold, 10% of proceeds will help our partners fund community farms to provide healthy, delicious, plentiful drinking water for years to come.