Compact two-wire OEM infrared pyrometer with external controller


CATALOGUE:cat – thermoMETER-Infrared – en-50-51


thermoMETER CSmicro 2W
Miniature OEM two-wire IR temperature sensor with controller integrated in the cable
ƒ Measuring range from-40 °C to 1600 °C
ƒ Applicable in ambient temperatures up to 180 °C without cooling (sensor)
ƒ Robust, silicon-coated lens
ƒ Integrated controller with LED alarm display and intelligent sighting aid,
alarm signal, temperature-code display or self-diagnostics
ƒ Integrated controller in the cable
ƒ Scalable analog output and simultaneous alarm output
ƒ Protection against short circuit and polarity change
ƒ Programmable controller
ƒ Optional USB interface and software for programming
ƒ Best price – ideal for OEM applications